How to Draw Like a Pro

How to Draw Like a Pro


This article will show you basic instructions to improve your drawing skills. Cool drawings are more than putting a sheet of paper, and this will explain.


  • Express yourself. The best art comes from transmitting your true and personal identity. However, there are noticeable benefits of drawing “fan art” (original art based on existing work). Many artists start by imitating other styles or even following professional works. Remember that you should not declare a trace or copy drawing as your own; It should only be for practice. (Training becomes perfect!)
  • See the work of other artists. You can receive revelation from the work of others.
  • Learn basic drawing skills. You probably know the technique of drawing the “basic shapes” while constantly adding more detail. It is a commonly used technique that will probably help you.
  • Draw different versions of how you want your idea to look. It could mean one line drawing it in different styles, with different tools, or from different perspectives.
  • Create situations: a bed, a farm, or a school with children. The possibilities are endless.
  • Don’t let anyone tell you what you shouldn’t draw. A common criticism is that your work “has been done before.” Suppose you want to do something done before, fine! Do it and improve it. The only moment the criticism is valid is when you create something “cliché” to draw attention. (There is an exception to this: do not draw pornography or violent material in a school or a public institution.)
  • Draw a lot. Draw in your notebook, on a chalkboard, on the ground, with chalk, with charcoal, on the computer, with Photoshop, with MS Paint. Draw with your eyes closed, with a hand you don’t normally use, or even with your feet. (Warning: this isn’t easy). Draw the same thing over and over; This is your job, do what you want!
  • Do not be discouraged. Believe in yourself. Make an effort to admire what you like about your cool drawings. Don’t compare yourself to others, just to your previous work.


  • You won’t need expensive art supplies to be a great artist. Many comic book authors can create dynamic pieces from cheap paper and pens from Office Max. Art is not in pen, in hand holding it.
  • Do not give up!
  • Artists often change the original colors of their characters or designs; The character will mature and develop as you do as well. Dare to change your ideas.
  • If you lack inspiration, try listening to music, reading a book, watching a movie, or taking a walk.
  • If you can’t draw freehand, try to use basic shapes and lines and work from them; Sometimes, art requires a bit of geometry.
  • If you have a friend who is a talented actor, ask for advice! It is always easy to learn something new with someone to guide you personally. If your friend criticizes your work and tends to assume how much better he or she is, then that person is not a good friend.
  • Let someone help you, don’t be afraid to express yourself in your cool drawings.
  • If you produce a blunder, it doesn’t mean because it justifies your work. There is emptiness right or mistake in art. It is recommended to take a pencil and draw gently.
  • While drawing, you should take your time and always make sure that you follow the same lines of the image you want to draw.


  • Don’t commit plagiarism; Plagiarism copies the work of other artists. Copying is not only illegal but also excludes artists who live in a dignified manner.

Things you will need

  • Paper (thick and slightly rough paper is recommended)
  • Pencils
  • Markers (optional; to apply color)
  • Imagination