Everything Pet Owners Need to Know About Pet Funeral Services in Springfield Ohio

Everything Pet Owners Need to Know About Pet Funeral Services in Springfield Ohio


We all love our pets for being the loyal, loving companions that they are, and we all also understand just how important pets are as family members within our households. When you lose a beloved pet, it’s a traumatic, painful experience that entails a difficult final goodbye.

The pet funeral services springfield ohio experts at Jackson Lytle & Lewis have supported many pet owners with memorializing the special bonds between animals and humans, and there’s a lot that pet owners should keep in mind while they’re planning or preparing a pet’s funeral.

So if your pet is getting older or has recently passed away, keep the following tips in mind to help you prepare for honoring your furry friend’s beautiful life!

Properly Handling Your Pet’s Remains

It’s hard enough simply to lose a beloved pet, but pet owners also have to make some tough decisions regarding how to handle their pet’s remains. Pets are family members, so these decisions should be made as a group through a heartfelt discussion about what your household thinks is best.

It can be very helpful to have a plan in mind prior to your pet’s passing, and although pre-planning a pet’s funeral isn’t pleasant, you’ll be doing you and your pet a favor by making arrangements sooner rather than later. This type of planning gives your family an opportunity to go over end-of-life care and funeral service options, and it takes a lot of pressure off of pet owners who otherwise would be making some hard decisions during a very difficult time.

Pet Burials

Many pet owners see home burials as an attractive option, and this is partly because it’s simple, cost-effective, and gives you an opportunity to personalize your memorial service within your own privacy.

Be sure to double-check your municipality’s laws and ordinances regarding home burials prior to digging your furry friend’s final resting place. Some locations require permits for this in advance, so it’s a good idea to brush up on any legal restrictions that may pertain to your pet’s burial.

Pet home graves should be at least three feet deep, and they should be 4-5 feet deep for larger pets. You’ll want to place your pet in a biodegradable or wood box and wrap them in a blanket—and you must thoroughly cover up a home grave with about two extra feet of packed-down topsoil.

Pet cemeteries are also great options for pet owners, especially when home burials aren’t allowed in your area. Although this is typically more expensive, pet cemeteries provide a lot of useful legal compliance services. Partnering up with pet funeral professionals will simplify your pet burial and memorial process, which is often the best thing you can do when you’re mourning.

Pet Cremation

Pet cremation is also an excellent option for many families, and most pet crematoriums offer both private and communal (group) cremation services.

Communal cremation services are a good option if you don’t want to keep your pet’s ashes, because this will mean that your pet will be cremated alongside two or more recently deceased pets. Although you can still get your pet’s ashes after a communal cremation, you’ll also receive ashes from other animals as well.

Pet funeral homes also provide private cremation services, which usually entail a pet’s ashes going in an urn or box. And although funeral homes typically provide urn options, you can also choose your own cremation urn.

Planning Pet Funeral Services

Pet funeral services have grown in popularity throughout recent years to the point that the vast majority of pet owners hold memorial services to honor their deceased loved one. Pet funerals are a great way to say goodbye to your furry friend, and they also bring people together to memorialize the pet’s life.

Pet funeral services also often coincide with cremations, which usually include the urn being displayed for the ceremony. Pet funeral services can be a very intimate occasion with just your family, or you could invite guests who knew your pet.

Other funeral service features to keep in mind include:

  • Pet obituary: A lot of people will write heartfelt pet obituaries, which are often posted on social media websites.
  • Eulogy: It’s also a good idea to prepare a special tribute or eulogy to honor your pet’s life at your memorial service. Many pet funerals will also include attendees sharing memories and personal stories of your pet, and this can also include opportunities for spiritual passages and special poems.
  • Music: Music can be a very relaxing and inspirational feature of your pet funeral services. Play or sing some special songs as an ambient accompaniment.
  • Candles & Flowers: wreaths, funeral flowers and candles help create a special, personal touch for your pet funeral.
  • Pictures & Videos: Funeral portraits are also an important feature while you’re honoring your pet’s presence and personality. It’s also a great idea to prepare a short video compilation that features your pet’s many special moments.

Pet funeral services often end with final tributes or prayers that allow the guests and family members to pay their final respects. After the service has completed, the group can gather at a reception as they offer their support and sympathy to the pet owners and family members.

Reach Out To Jackson Lytle & Lewis When You Need Pet Funeral Services in Springfield, Ohio

Coping with the grief associated with the loss of your beloved pet is always very difficult, which is why it’s so important to be as prepared as possible for an elderly pet’s passing.

We hope that this pet funeral service guide has helped you better understand everything that coincides with pet funeral services, and your best option is always to partner with experienced industry specialists who’ve helped countless pet owners just like yourself.

One of the leading pet funeral service providers in Springfield, Ohio is Jackson Lytle & Lewis. You can speak directly with their team when you go to their website’s link located at the top of this page.