Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania- A Leading Name in Animal Welfare and Sustainable Farming

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania- A Leading Name in Animal Welfare and Sustainable Farming


There are very few farms in the USA that take care of the animals they raise with safe and sustainable practices. These farms focus on quality food products that are organic and healthy for consumers. The team is committed to the environment, and some farms even go the extra mile in doing charity to help the poor and needy in the community as well.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania – an inspiring example of animal welfare and sustainable farming  

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania is a credible name in sustainable farming and animal welfare in Spring Grove, USA. As mentioned above, it is one of the few farms that not only focuses on animal welfare and sustainable farming but also serves the community. These farms regularly donate to homeless shelters 

Exemplary farm in the USA 

These farms started in 1958 and are today a solid name to reckon with in the region when it comes to sustainable farming technologies, practices, and techniques. The team here is dedicated to the environment, the chickens they nurture, and their customers. They deploy solar and wind power extensively for their day-to-day operations and have been certified by several esteemed bodies for their animal welfare practices on the farm.

Top five producers of eggs

 This family-owned farm currently raises over 20 million chickens and is one of the top five producers of eggs in the USA. They take care of chickens raised on the farms for their eggs but do not hatch them. These eggs are sold to consumers in the market and are cage-free in nature. The chickens receive a feed that is vegetarian, and the farms have established several proprietor technologies and techniques that are targeted to boost the safety and comfort of the chickens that are raised on these farms.

These farms have certifications from the United Egg Producers, American Humane, and Global Organic Alliance. Under the Comprehensive Animal Welfare Program, veterinarians seriously focus on the welfare and health of the chickens that are raised on the farms for their eggs.

Background checks on the staff  

These Farms conduct background checks that are shown on the employees of the Farms. It has an extensive Employee Code of Conduct that forbids global abuse, neglect, and animal cruelty. When any incident relating to the above, it immediately needs to be reported to the concerned authorities. Moreover, all the staff on these farms are trained in animal welfare practices and care. They harness a culture where all of the animals are cared for safely so that they are healthy and can churn out food products that are free from antibiotics that are often used in the industrial farms in the market.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania is a trusted name not only for its customers but for its employees of them as well. The company ensures that its employees are looked after and taken care of well. There are compensation packages, family insurance, and other benefits that are given to the staff that works on the farms. The company cares about the environment, its animals, and its employees, making it one of the few farms with a deep commitment to humanity and the community in the USA today.