Benefits of Fitness Management Software

Benefits of Fitness Management Software


In present time and age, as societies propel further into the realm of digitization, technology continues to proliferate and assist us in our day-to-day activities such as visiting a salon, ordering food, and managing our fitness regime. Thus, it is hardly surprising that more and more number of gyms and fitness studios are modernizing their operations by deploying a fitness studio management software. Whether you’re the gym owner or a client, it is almost by default that you are in some capacity engaging with a gym and fitness studio management software. However, if you’re still amongst those people who are wonder why are increasing number of businesses deploying a fitness studio management software, thenread along to know some of the prime benefits

Client Management

Perhaps the top most advantage of a fitness management software is the ease that it accords to the process of client management. Multiple client based activities, such as creating a centralized data base, on-boarding of new members, membership renewal reminders, booking of classes and consultation appointments can be done in just a few clicks. The client facing app or the website allows the customer to login into the member’s portal and have all the information at a quick glance. Advanced software even allow the clients to view and make the payments in just a few clicks. Thus, as a gym owner or manager no longer do you have to peruse log books and keep a tab on upcoming renewals, or missing any upcoming payments. Furthermore, the software also allows you to deploy no pay no access to avoid misuse by any client.

Invoicing, Payments & Accounting

Raise invoices, send it over emails or push notification on the app, accept payments through multiple payment methods such as charge cards, credit cards or net banking. A fitness management software will allow you to accomplish all of this digitally, and assist you in running an almost paperless system. Each and every payment received, will automatically get tagged to the corresponding invoice. With the payment links being sent over email or as a text message, customers can execute seamless and secured transactions. For any payment that is erroneously processed or doesn’t generate a transaction code, the software initiated a refund. When it comes to recurring payments, the software allows the clients and the businesses to set up and auto debit system, and thus eliminates the need to constantly remember things. Advanced software goes beyond the process of processing and recording payments to make real time accounting entries.

Analytics & Financial Reporting

Another key feature of a gym and fitness studio management software are the inbuilt tools that deploy data analytics to give a real time picture of the business, and on demand customized reporting. Enabled to generate customized on-demand reports, the software assists you to be in control of your business from anywhere. Reports such as daily sales, cash flow, inquiry to membership conversion etc. can be generated on a customized frequency. The software deploys deep analytics to show areas of concern and provide real time client retention ratios.

Inventory Management

One of the utmost mundane tasks that is prone to human error is keeping a record of inventory to ensure that right balance is maintained when it comes to stocking of merchandise. Excess inventory affects cash flow, and inadequate inventory leads to loss of revenue. A gym management software assists you in achieving the right balance while also ensuring that no theft is happening. With software providing a real time inventory count, the staff has to just physically verify the count. Moreover, by analyzing past sales data, the software provides recommendations when the inventory needs to be restocked.

Apart from these prime benefits, a fitness management software can also assist you in managing your employees, scheduling your group classes, and improve your marketing. However, in order to avail the entire gamut of benefits prior it is important to make an objective evaluation of the software. If you’re new and looking at tips on how to evaluate a gym and fitness studio management software, we highly recommend reading our post titled, “5 Red Flags to Watch for When Choosing a Fitness Studio Management Software”. The post will assist you in objectively evaluating the features of the software.

The market is filled with a plethora of choices and some of the popular names are Zenoti, RhinoFit, Wellyx, Vigyr, and Virtuagym. Our vote goes to Zenoti for being the best-in-class holistic product. With easy scalability, learning curve and modules that allow to accomplish all the above-mentioned tasks, including employee management, accounting, and data drive marketing, Zenoti is a one stop solution and has consistently ranked as top fitness studio software.