7 Benefits of Using an Automatic Website Backup Solution Like Codeguard

7 Benefits of Using an Automatic Website Backup Solution Like Codeguard


A site that is regularly unavailable can lose customers, brand image, and SEO points. While there can be numerous reasons behind the unavailability of a site, the site owner needs to ensure that all steps are taken to offer uninterrupted services.

When you buy a web hosting service for your site, you need to check if the host is taking sufficient measures to ensure maximum security and uptimes. While this can help improve the uptime of the site, the services can be interrupted due to deletion of data, accidental or otherwise. This is where website backups are needed. You can manually take backups or use an automated tool like CodeGuard Website Backup for the same.

In this article, we will share seven benefits of using an automated website backup solution like CodeGuard for your site.

1: Ease of Use

When you backup your site manually, the chances of error are high. Also, it is a time-consuming process and you need to remember to take backups regularly. With the CodeGuard website backup service, you can be assured of never missing a backup since it automatically runs the same. This makes CodeGuard easy to use.

2: Auto-sync

CodeGuard synchronizes your website with the backup. Therefore, every time you make any change to the site, CodeGuard identifies it and updates the backup accordingly.

3: Saves time

CodeGuard is better than taking manual backups since you don’t have to dedicate time to run the backup process and ensure that it is completed. With CodeGuard, you need to adjust the settings of the day and time for the process to run and get along with your work. The tool automatically ensures that you have the latest copy of the site with you at all times.

4: Backup versions

CodeGuard stores backup files in versions. Hence, it is easier for you to locate an older version of your site with ease. With manual backups, most site owners tend to replace the backup file to save data. With CodeGuard, you can recover any file from the past.

5: Reliable backup

Usually, site owners tend to save the backup file on the same server or network as the site. If the server/network faces any error, then the site and the backup can both get inaccessible. CodeGuard is a cloud-based tool. Hence, the backup file is stored on a cloud server. This makes the backup more reliable.

6: Saves costs

While taking manual backups is free, tools like CodeGuard can cost money. While this might seem like an unnecessary cost, it saves you the cost of purchasing storage devices. Also, it ensures that you can offer uninterrupted site services which can save brand image and losses in the event of the site going down due to data loss.

7: Instant recovery of data

You can recover your site’s data by simply clicking a few buttons. This allows you to restore site service in the event of any disaster.

You can also check the following video that lists four ways in which CodeGuard boosts your website:

Summing Up

As you can see, Code Guard offers a wide range of benefits. It is important to remember that despite the precautions and security measures taken to ensure site availability, a backup is a final frontier against data loss. Hence, you must make sure that you always have a backup handy. With tools like CodeGuard, you can be assured of never missing a backup.