7 Ways How Edtech Is Making Online Learning Better

7 Ways How Edtech Is Making Online Learning Better


The advancements in technology have revolutionized every sector and education is no exception. Education technology or more popularly known as edtech has facilitated students in more ways than once can think of. For instance, edtech in tablets, projectors, and whiteboards has introduced different learning platforms. Students can now get access to on-demand courses and can learn whatever they please. In addition, companies can educate their employees by providing classes. Also, they can encourage the staff members to enhance their skills with the help of online learning. 

Edtech isn’t going to fade away. It is continually going to make education fun and more accessible for everyone. Plus, the level of availability, attentiveness, and convenience that edtech provides is unmatched. Let’s now take a look at some of the ways through which education is making online learning better.  

1. Educational Phone Application

A smartphone isn’t necessarily the root of all evil as some parents like to believe. It can actually be a useful thing. How? One word; Apps! You can have your children download educational apps on their devices which they can use to learn. For an app to be effective, consider downloading the one that has bite-sized chapters but they should be super focused at the same time. Plus, it should have a user-friendly interface. And try to have an app that is interactive as it will help a lot in learning. 

2. Online Learning Platforms 

It is because of edtech that a student has so many online learning platforms which can assist them in their education. There are different sites such as Coursera which enables students to learn whatever they wish for like personal finance or coding. The beauty of this site is that the programs are taught by industry professionals who can give you a better understanding of things. They will deliver you the type of training which is in accordance with the latest trends and needs in the job market. 

3. Extended Reality Technology 

Extended Reality will take students away from regular classroom lectures towards a more immersive and engaging learning experience within a stimulated space. This will not only enable students to learn things faster but will also allow them to remember all the important concepts efficiently. XR is an option that is much cheaper to invest in for educational institutions. 

4. Screencasting 

Screencasting is a really useful tool that allows both students and teachers to freely engage with the lesson. It empowers students to showcase their work while allowing teachers to untether from the front of the classroom. This helps boost the engagement level of students. At the same time, it makes learning much more fun and interesting.  

5. Collaboration 

Edtech has provided different tools for students to collaborate with each other more efficiently. Such tools can also be used by students to get in touch with their teachers so they can share and collaborate with them. 

6. Differentiated Instructions 

It is not an easy task for teachers to figure out how to teach students with different understanding levels. Therefore, differentiated instruction is both time-consuming and difficult. However, with the help of edtech, there now exists a variety of apps and software programs that can be used to cater to every student’s need. It will enable the teachers to guide their students properly. 

7. Faculty Tech 

Tech isn’t only limited to classrooms. Instead, there are different educational institutions that are using technology to monitor how well their operational and strategic plans are working. Universities are now actively opting for integrated plan management tools instead of keeping a track of their plan on a spreadsheet. 


Edtech has completely changed the education industry for the better. There are many tools that students can use to better their learning. However, do keep in mind that most of the tools and apps would require an internet connection. So, if your provider is disappointing you with their performance then why not make a switch. I am personally subscribed to the Spectrum WiFi plans and it has been working like a charm for me so far! There are many more ways apart from the ones discussed above how edtech is shaping the education sector. The bottom line is that you can expect technology to revolutionize education even further in the future.