You might be making these SEO mistakes unknowingly!

You might be making these SEO mistakes unknowingly!


So, Jacob had gone into another profession after his liquor business went drunk. It was giving counseling sessions this time. He had read a few books about clinical psychology some fine week and decided that he should be doing one. He then started doing marketing about his new profession. Months passed but people were not coming to his place despite his many efforts. A year later he ended up giving sessions to himself to ease down a bit. What was he doing wrong that he wasn’t known to? Similar things happen to us every now and then. We know we are giving our all, but something just keeps on obstructing. Those working around SEO goes through this same too. Having the Best SEO Services stays dream for many. When people perform SEO stuff themselves, they do struggle to get results. This becomes frustrating.

What are those things that one could do around SEO and get some decent results too? Here is a list of Dos and Don’ts.

Basics of SEO and what one can do about it!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is nothing yet everything. It is to align your website according to the guidelines given by search engines to help him and the public better understand you. However, things get complex when technicalities get involved. Newbies suffer the most due to their lower budget and shallow knowledge. They stay deprived of the best SEO Services. But one must know that keeping things simple can take away half their worries.

Search Engine Optimization was considered as a cheat sheet back some 10 years. It was thought to be a way to trick Google. But now Google has grown into adulthood and is trying to understand the world better-way. It is nothing but a set of algorithms that try to know about the websites over the internet. It makes a sense of what the website is about, what the content is about, what user mean when they ask something, and what website it can prescribe thereafter from those known websites. But to let Google (or any search engine) know about some website’s presence, one must follow the rules and guidelines it provides. When one fails to follow these guidelines, the search engine fails to follow that website.

Search Engine guidelines to follow and thrive!

Here is a list of what one has to make sure of when optimizing their website in accordance to the search engine.

  • Making crawl accessible so as to let Google know about the content over your website.
  • Using the right sort of keywords within limits.
  • Taking care of the loading speed of your website.
  • Taking care of Meta Description, Alt tags, Title, URL, and Snippet etc.
  • Using Schema to ensure an edge over others.
  • Providing quality content and avoiding spinned-up content.

Google had made it clear that it now focuses on providing better user experience. Google’s EAT principle, its Core Web Vitals, and many other ranking factors take care of it. Back in the days when people used to search for “what color is good for shoes” and leading to a website about balloons, the user experience was suffering. But now A.I. and Deep Learning makes sure that things stay fine for the user.

The Dos and Don’ts of SEO.

Talking of Jacob, his clinical counselling profession was suffering too just as that last one of liquor. What was he doing wrong? His liquor shop had all the very fine brands that one could dream of; his mind was known to how to guide people in a counselling session; but he was weak at marketing. He did not know the fundamentals of spreading the words about business. Similarly, newbies in the sea of SEO stay unknown to the very dos and don’ts of SEO. Those going for the best SEO Services get guided by expertise. But those not opting for SEO services have ways to sail through too.

The dos:

  • Content is King: Try providing quality content to the users. Nobody will return to you unless you serve them some value. Bad quality content might hook them once, but they’ll remember your name for long to avoid going down your lanes.
  • Optimization is Queen: Many People forget optimizing the right way. Basic advice is to not overuse those keywords, optimizing the image or any media, adding snippets, using Alt tags, shaping URL the right way, and using Schema.
  • Linking is good, but make sure of your company: Yes, you are an expert in the field of sports, but you sit down and drink with gangsters. Having links is very vital for the business, but they must come from the right person. Make sure your website links to another website having a good DA and PA score.
  • Practice White Hat tactics: It could have worked back in the years, but computers have grown now. A.I. and higher processing speeds now catch spams and foul tactics easily. It sometimes lead to a permanent ban from Google. Make sure you practice fair methods.
  • Try grabbing locality: The very basic thing that many fail to do is to target the locality. Local SEO offers many the opportunity to serve the local area. The competition is less when it comes to locality. Use region specific keywords too. If you are unknown to Local SEO, then go for some good SEO services.
  • Keep on analyzing your performance: Use Search Console and WebMasters tools to keep a watch on what you do. You would never want to keep on working and then see at last that results were not coming from long. Learn how to use these tools before wasting time with them.
  • Use mobile-responsive designs: It has been some 2 years when mobile searches exceeded computer searches for the first time. Prediction is that mobile surfing will grow further. This makes it necessary to optimize your content accordingly. Use responsive design that follows Google’s Core Web Vital guidelines.

The don’ts:

  • Don’t copy-paste the content: Article spinning is against the SEO guidelines. If caught, your website will suffer for long. Above it, it only stuffs the internet with redundancies.
  • Don’t overuse keywords: Keywords stuffing now gets easily caught by Google’s strong algorithms. Make sure you use phrases and words within limits.
  • Avoid spam links: It might either be you, that scam SEO agency, or some competitor trying to link your website to a spam-seeming one. Keep checking if you are getting any warnings. Choose your SEO agency wisely. Check out if you have any unusual links coming.
  • Don’t play with the codes if you do not know them: Years’ worth of effort go down the drain at a slight breakdown of some code. Websites break down and links fall obsolete.

It is always advised to opt for an SEO agency if you have the budget. Click here to know more about SEO packages and how you can serve your business the care it deserves.

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