Ultimate tips to know how to play the online chess!

Ultimate tips to know how to play the online chess!


During the lockdown times, many of us feel boredom and started searching for the better online games. But playing chess online dates back to many years and now it has become even more popular as it is becoming addictive among the players.

Playing chess online is simply deceptive and if you would like to learn it is much easier. With eight pawns, two knights, king, queen, two rooks and bishops, the online chess learning is easier. If you wanted to wade online chess, there are tons of online sites where you can learn them. Today almost all the online game starts with notation of all pieces that mention their own grid. Thus starters finds it easy to move the pieces if they forget.

Here in this article we discuss more about the tips of how to play online chess:

Tips to play online chess:

  • Workout to play online moves

Each of the pieces in online chessis destined totake their respective moves only in particular way and this should be known before you start playing. You cannot make any wrong move as the computer or online chess sites won’t allow you to do this. For instance, you cannot make a pawn move cross and it can only move straight. It can only attack in an angle and move one box at a time. Hence it is necessary to know this play before you start playing online.

  • Next tip to sustain in the online chess is to play with bishop and knight

Ensure you move both knight and bishop towards the middle of the board as these two will keep your king and queen safe throughout the game. These pieces should be brought in front and so they help to capture the opponents’ piece.

  • Start playing by drawing pawn

If you wanted to be in the game for long, then start your game by moving the pawn. Do not make many moves using pawn and don’t think to attack the opponents pieces as there will be a trap inside. Ensure the pawn doesn’t allow the opponents move so that you can attack them with knight, or bishop.

  • Ensure you attack opponents piece in the game

Once placed the bishop and knights towards the center of the board, this means the game is almost in the middle. So be cautious of the game where you need to concentrate to attack the opponent. Look for the chance that any opponent part is not protected and try to capture it once you are free. But before you attack, think of what happens after you place the piece in the square. Ensure you are not picked from the spot you attack the opponents piece. For instance, you might lose your bishop or knight for attacking the pawn which is not advisable in the game. Make sure you move lot of your pieces around the board and trap the opponent’s piece.

  • Make a note of the chess parts and lose them slowly

Before you attack or capture your pal’s piece make sure you do not lose yours valuable pieces during the middle of the game. It is wise to find out which the good play is and which is not as this will spoil your further game. Keep the bold pieces safe and make sure you move them across the board without getting locked with the opponent’s piece. Some of the board games online have the points based on the pieces starting from 9 points for queen, 5 points for rook and 1 point for pawn. So you should make sure you lose the lowest point piece for the higher pointed piece. This is the wise game play online.

  • Ensure you don’t play in a hurry

Do not keep yourself in a hurry to play the online chess as this might not give you a clear or allow you to take wise decision. The main key to success the chess is to think patient and move the piece from the box.

  • Castle your play

There is another play in the online chess where you can keep your king safe by just playing with the elephant and this is often termed as castle. Here you have the chance to move the king and elephant towards each other when you find no more occupants in between them. This is the best tip to capture the kingif they do not wish you to make this move.Furthermore this is the perfect part in online chess game where unique move can be made with two different pieces.

  • Discover special rules to make the game more interesting

Ensure you know some of the special rules as this might seem to be not logical during the initial play, but they seem to be more interesting and fun while you keep playing the game. These rules are brought to keep you more engaging and addictive.

  • Know the tips of how to win the game of chess in the end

As we all know that there is one single way to end the chess game, there are also other ways to end the game. This includes draw, forfeit or by resignation. Ensure which you would like to make as this might decide the end of the game and these are also based on the points of move.

  • Know to keep checkmate in the chess

The ultimate game purpose is to keep mate for your opponent’s king piece. Wait for the moment where the opponent’s piece is not protected and put a checkmate with your pieces. This means that your opponent’s king will be unable to move or get protected from any of its pieces on the board.


When you wanted to know how to keep yourself occupied, then playing chess online is the right and perfect option as this will even keep the brain and body active. With the above tips you can join any online gaming platform and can win the match. Block the check with different piece and threaten the opponents king.