Send Gifts to Karachi from the UK

Send Gifts to Karachi from the UK


If you want to send Gifts to Karachi from UK, make life simple by comparing courier prices and delivery times all in one place.

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Parcel Monkey will help you save time and money sending parcels to Pakistan. Simply enter the weight and dimensions of your parcel into our courier quote form and we’ll provide you with a list of discounted delivery services to Pakistan, from reputable international couriers, such as DPD, Parcel force, DHL and TrakPak.

Whether you’re sending a parcel to a family member in Islamabad or you’re an online retailer with a customer in Kabul, we’ll help you find the right service at the best price.

Why are we famous here?

Pakistan, officially known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is located in South Asia, bordering Afghanistan, China and Iran on the brims. Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan whereas some of the famous cities include Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi. The name of the country is derived from a Persian word ‘Pak’ which means pure and a Hindi word ‘Istan’ which means land. Hence, Pakistan is also referred to as ‘Pure Land’. Pakistan, as a country, reflects the way of life based on the principles and culture of Islam. The republic depicts rich historical insights dated back in the era of the Mughals and the British. The country has a vibrant culture, and it is reflected by the festivals and occasions celebrated in Pakistan. Exchanging gifts and wishes is a common practice.

Every festival is unique to us –

Ramadan is one of the most popular festival seasons in Pakistan that includes fasting, eating together and greeting each other on Eid with gifts and warm hugs. If you wish to send gifts to Karachi on Eid, other festivals or occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, then we are the best option. We offer gift delivery in Pakistan. You can order from a variety of gifts available on the website including flowers, chocolates, sweets, personalized mugs, teddy, gift combos, dry fruits, cookies and much more. Select amazing surprises online for your near and dear ones and send gifts to Pakistan.

Send Parcel to karachi

Pakistan is one of the central hubs of the Middle East, making for high demand in deliveries both in and out of the country, whether it’s parcel delivery to China or to India.

At Parcel2Go, we’ve already negotiated the cheapest way to send parcels to Pakistan for you, to save you time and effort to do the more important tasks.

From 1 day delivery to approximately 3 days, DPD has got you covered when you send parcels to Pakistan from the UK. We understand our customers want a perfect balance of reliability and efficiency when they send parcels to Pakistan and that’s exactly what you’ll get with DPD.

Shipping to karachi from UK

The days of paying extortionate prices to send parcels from the UK to Pakistan are gone. Shipping cost to Pakistan should be made affordable for everyone’s budgets.

Fast Parcel Delivery to Pakistan

If you need urgent parcel delivery from the UK to Pakistan, choose DPD Air Express for your parcel to arrive within 3 days.

 The Cheapest Way to Send to Pakistan

Cheap parcel delivery to Pakistan starts from as little as £20.17 with DPD Air Classic.

All shipping to Pakistan from the UK will be fully-tractable.

Economy courier to Pakistan

DPD Pickup Classic is the cheapest way to send a parcel to Pakistan, with a reasonable transit time of 4-7 working days. Simply drop off your parcel at your local DPD Pickup shop.

DPD Air Classic is the cheapest service that includes courier collection from your home or work address.