Replacing the Fuel Pump

Replacing the Fuel Pump


The reason for the fuel pump is to provide an uninterrupted power supply to the car engine’s fuel system. The responsiveness of the engine to the driver pressing the accelerator pedal depends on the performance of this unit. If such a system fails, you cannot do without replacing it entirely using car home service in Bangalore.

Breakage signs 

During the normal operations of the car, specific problems may appear:

Loss of engine power 

Usually, an available fuel pump has excess capacity, which is sent back to the tank through a dump valve. However, over time, the elements inside the device tend to wear out, and the motor starts to function intermittently. Such things are caused due to a decrease in the pressure system, which becomes insufficient for pumping fuel through the filters and the normal working of the fuel equipment. In such cases, a drop in the engine power is manifested – but can’t spin up to high revs. A damaged fuel pump often hums during operation.

Poor engine starting

After a long period of inactivity of the car, the worn-out fuel pump is not able to quickly raise the pressure in the fuel system to the necessary level.  Such things are compounded by the increased load on the battery from the starter. During a cold start, the electronic pump does not receive adequate power from the battery. The power unit periodically refuses to start cold on the first try, which forces the driver to turn the starter longer. However, after a while, the engine starts up. Sometimes the problem with a cold start is a clogged fuel pump grid.

Engine runs intermittently 

The engine is unstable, the speed “floats”, with increasing load, it periodically stalls. The issue may not only lie in the failure of the fuel pump but also in damage to the electrical wiring that supplies it. Every once in a while, a clogged filter prevents the fluid from pumping normally.

Problems with the gas pump – what to do? 

To avoid the risk of a sudden engine stop on the road and the inability to start it, it is necessary to diagnose and repair it at the first signs of a failure in the fuel supply system.

The car services in Bangalore must be contacted in the following cases:

  1. The noise appeared from the side of the fuel pump installed directly in the tank or near it, in the car’s rear.
  2. With each cold start, it requires more time to start the engine.
  3. Loss of engine power, the uncharacteristic sound of its operation.
  4. “Floating” speed of the engine unit, deterioration of its responsiveness when you press the accelerator pedal.

While diagnosis, the following elements are checked:

  • Gas tank.
  • Fuel lines.
  • Fuel pump relay.
  • Electrical terminals.
  • Coarse and fine filters.

A long-term positive effect will be noticeable only after a comprehensive repair and maintenance. If such types of clogged filters are not replaced, they will provoke repeated failure of the gas pump. During the repair process, it is essential to check the entire system to ensure no leaks.

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