Prevent Injuries With These Top Ways To Move Heavy Items

Prevent Injuries With These Top Ways To Move Heavy Items


Injury while lifting weights is one of the most common causes of back and knee pain. By following a few simple rules, you can reduce spinal injuries by lifting weights.

According to the Physiotherapist Association, lifting the wrong weight causes the spine to bend forward, so the fluid in the joint pads will be pushed back. If this pressure is great enough, the fibrous ring or the supporting ligaments, including the knee, will tear and rupture, causing pain.

it could be the wrong person’s movement and position when lifting things. However, many people believe that they have no problem lifting things. In fact, the slightest mistake in lifting and lowering items, the consequences can be very fatal for the spine, especially the waist.Back injuries can be fairly common when lifting items goes wrong. Whether you work in an environment where you need to lift heavy items or you’re moving houses and need to carry large boxes, it’s crucial to protect yourself. Here are some of the best ways to help you transport big loads without hurting yourself.

Use Dollies

One of the best things to use while moving a large item is a dolly. Made to give you leverage, the large industrial casters move smoothly across the floor. Just make sure to remove any obstacles before you get started so you can get from point A to point B without any mishaps.

Lift From the Knees

Most people want to bend over to lift up any items, but this puts additional strain on your back. Even light loads can pull a back muscle, especially if you twist while lifting. Protect yourself by squatting down to grab the item and then using your leg muscles to stand up. This allows you to use the strength from your legs as leverage for lifting.

Push Instead of Pulling

Pushing items places less strain on your body than pulling does. If you can make a clear path that gives you the ability to push items where they need to go, take the opportunity. Push from the bottom to prevent the thing you’re moving from tipping over.

Use Straps

Straps can be another useful tool while moving items. These can be wrapped around the object and used to lift and lower the thing into a truck or out of a window.

Just these few tips can create an optimal environment for the next time you need to lift, carry or move a bulky item. Instead of winding up at the doctor’s office or physical therapy, you can continue on with your life pain-free.