Orlando King Explains Off-the-Grid Solar Energy

Orlando King Explains Off-the-Grid Solar Energy


Off-the-grid solar energy means you are getting all your energy from the sun. You aren’t relying on the electrical grid. This would be possible if you installed a solar power system with an energy storage system on your premises.

Off-the-grid solar systems used to get negative reviews for their huge space requirements and high costs. However, there have been technological advancements to make things better. Solar equipment is more affordable and efficient than it has ever been.

What Is an Off-Grid Solar System?

When you hear ‘off-grid solar,’ you are likely to think of solar panels. However, they aren’t enough. According to Orlando King, you must add various components to attain a fully-functional off-grid PV system.

A functional off-grid system has the equipment to generate, supply, and store solar energy on-site. It works without relying on any external connections. This is why off-grid solar systems are also known as standalone solar power systems.

Unlike other solar setups, off-grid systems use batteries to supply power when you cannot rely on the sun. Since you need sufficient battery storage, these batteries are costlier than grid-tied solar systems.

How to Use Off-Grid Solar Power

Some of the most significant benefits of solar energy are modularity and scalability. You can separate and recombine the components of a system to match your changing needs.

Solar energy is big on variety and flexibility. It works on various levels- from strong enough systems to power a factory to small solar phone chargers. Here are a few common uses of off-grid solar power:

  • Powering RV appliances
  • Powering energy-efficient homes
  • Charging portable phones and tablet chargers
  • Generating power for small cabins

Generally, it makes sense to use off-grid solar systems when you can’t access utility power. Grid-tied systems are a lot more affordable than off-grid solar power systems.

What Equipment Do You Need for an Off-Grid Solar System?

Off-grid solar systems require certain equipment to work efficiently. These include:

  • Solar inverters
  • Solar panels
  • Solar batteries
  • Charge controller
  • Junction boxes
  • A mounting and racking system
  • Wiring

The Benefits of Off-Grid Solar

Currently, more than 300,000 homes are said to be using off-grid power sources for energy. Here are a few reasons why they are so popular.


Off-grid solar systems free you from reliance on the grid. This is the main reason to consider going off the grid if you live in regions that are prone to blackouts. If you are connected to the grid, you have to rely on an external supplier for all your power. If the grid shuts off, you will have no power supply.

It Might be the Only Feasible Option

Sometimes, going off the grid is the only option that makes sense. If you hope to power a building in a remote area, you will probably be unable to connect to the grid. Utility companies will probably say you are not within their coverage area. You may have no option but to provide your own power.

Good for the environment

Going off the grid may be a fantastic way to reduce your carbon emissions. Most power supplied via the grid is from burning fossil fuels. Off-the-grid solar energy is renewable. It is excellent for the environment.

Off-the-grid solar energy is relatively new. However, it may be an excellent alternative for powering your home. It is perfect when trying to minimize your carbon footprint and when you no longer want to depend on the grid.

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