I Wish I Got This Food Processor Sooner!

I Wish I Got This Food Processor Sooner!


I’ve always loved my food processor. I typically only used it for making desserts for a very long time. I had never really looked into how much I could actually do with my food processor for whatever reason.

I had a Cuisinart Food Processor that was pretty old and worn, but for some reason I never considered getting another one until my daughter made fun of me when I pulled it out. She had recently got married and got a nicer, newer version and thought it was funny that I was holding on to such an old artifact, as she liked to call it.

I supposed it couldn’t hurt to see what else was out there and maybe finally upgrade to a new one. My daughter sent me info about the model she had, so I looked into it. I found the Cuisinart DFP-14BCWNY Food Processor on the KitchenWorksInc website. I decided to go for it, and order the appliance.

I was absolutely amazed when it arrived. It was so brand new and shiny, I could hardly believe that it did the same things as my old processor. One major perk was that it came with some different blades than the old one, which I was super excited to try out.

Before I really got started, I looked up some new ideas to try out. I was shocked at how much was out there. A lot of these things that I could do made sense, but I had never really given them any thought before. I was so excited to dive in.

I planned a big family dinner with my 2 kids and our 2 grandchildren. I was going to go to town on this one. It was basically going to be like a Thanksgiving dinner in the Spring.

I managed to get all of the veggies prepped ahead of time which was amazing. I hated chopping food. It was my least favorite part of cooking.

I made my marinade for the roasted chicken I was making in the food processor as well. It was perfect because I could puree everything and chop up the herbs that I added rather than cutting them up on my own, which can be so tedious.

Instead of taking me nearly the whole day to prepare, I was done in half the time. I was finished by the time my family arrived, minus finishing the actual roasting of the chicken, but even opening the oven to baste it was nothing compared to what I’d normally still be doing. I got to spend the rest of the time with my family with hardly any distraction. I’m so happy, I just wished I’d purchased the food processor sooner!