Bruce Weber Photographer Discusses Few Helpful Fashion Photography Tips

Bruce Weber Photographer Discusses Few Helpful Fashion Photography Tips


Fashion photography is quite an attractive domain to make a career in. After all, travelling to exotic locations, shooting talented models and having photos displayed on the pages of top fashion magazines does sound exciting. Moreover, experienced and talented professionals like Bruce Weber Photographer get the chance to work on ad campaigns for leading brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Pirelli, and Gianni Versace. Basically fashion photographs involve showcasing clothes and accessories in the best possible manner with the aim of communicating brand story and promoting goods.

Bruce Weber Photographer underlines helpful pointers on acing fashion photography

To take their fashion photography to the next level, photographers need to emphasize and accentuate more than just on the textures and fashion in an image. Highlighting the personality of the subject wearing the clothes can be quite helpful in augmenting fashion photos. Photographers should try to bring out the mood of the model and show the viewers how it feels to wear those clothes, and not just how they look.

Using longer lens like a 105mm or 85mm would be prudent for fashion photography. Longer telephoto focal lengths are particularly perfect as they help create a gorgeous compression effect. The photographer may even blur the background to draw more attention to the subject. It is common to use a long lens to create glamorous, iconic headshots that makes the model look to scale. 105mm f/1.4 is a great option for capturing stunning photos without distorting the features of the model.

Lighting is among the most important elements associated with capturing appealing fashion photographs or even beauty headshots. Playing with natural light, especially during the golden hours of sunset/near sunrise, would be a prudent move. Such timings allow the photographers to shoot in direct light or even take backlit photos that look amazing. As the sun comes behind the model, the photographer may overexpose it a bit to create a pretty hair light from the sun and balance in a reflector to fill in the face. This technique also helps in achieving a dreamy fashion lens flare. Finding some shade would be a good move when shooting during midway. This will help create an overall nice glow.

Angles are among the best way to change perspective and create more panache in a fashion photo shoot. The photographer must note that objects closer to the lens are going to appear larger. Hence, if they are taking headshots with either an 85mm or 105mm lens, it would be a good move to get a little above the subject, and then shoot down to make the eyes stand out. This will create a nice effect and help create a connection with the viewer. However, while shooting full-length, doing just the opposite will be a better choice. Getting a bit lower angle with a wider 35mm or 50mm lens would aid in elongating the legs of the model and capture the background for a high-end fashion look. To explore more ideas for capturing great fashion photographs, people can always check out the works of  Bruce Weber Photographer and similar professionals.