Cheapest Places to Live in the UK

Cheapest Places to Live in the UK


When it comes to buying a house, location is everything. Deemed as being one of the most expensive places to live, the UK has provided its residents with some of the most affluent areas to call home. Locations such as Bath, Wilmslow, Cambridge and Winchester are desirable for their almost utopian essence, sometimes generating a property market that has eye-watering priced properties. These pockets of wealth are home to some of the UK’s most sought-after properties, and aside from the grandiose design of the houses themselves, most of these places offer top-notch schools, high-end amenities and a generally greater feeling of safety and convenience in comparison to other areas in the UK.

However, on the flip side of the somewhat silver spoon of UK real estate, are the areas in the UK where house prices are more affordable. And in the midst of a financial living crisis, rising energy bills and a post-pandemic society, the idyllic nature of simply existing in the UK’s finest areas is not a reflection of the UK in its entirety. On average, a ‘regular’ UK property costs £230,000- a number which is rising due to the thriving nature of city living. Therefore, it’s no surprise that people are looking to relocate or buy in the cheapest areas in the UK. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled the top five cheapest areas to live in the UK…

1. Doncaster, South Yorkshire:

The largest minster town existing in South Yorkshire, Doncaster is one of the cheapest areas to live in the UK. Existing as the second largest settlement in the county, and home to its very own airport, house prices begin at £174,263, and rent prices typically begin at £600.

2. Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire:

Initially deemed as a desolate industrial town, Middlesbrough has become an increasingly desirable place, due to its influx of new jobs, leisure activities and improved schools. Due to this, more people are opting to move to this remote town, and indulge in its history and love of football, culture and art-fueled festivals. House prices in Middlesbrough average around £131,000.

3. Burnley, Lancashire:

Located less than an hour from Manchester, Burnley is home to some of the most stunning national parks and has won awards from the UK government for being an upcoming and enterprising area. Renowned for its mill-engines and its prominence in the mill-town area, Burnley has now become one of the North Wests cheapest areas to live, with house prices starting at £34,000.

4. Durham, North-East England:

The county of Durham has become of one the UK’s most affordable and exciting places to live. Not only is it great for students due to its thriving university culture, but it is also infamous for its reasonably priced yet thrilling leisure activities, from restaurants, clubs and various entertainment. The average house price in Durham begins at £103,000.

5. Nottingham, Midlands:

Home to two universities, a bustling nightlife and the urban legend of Robin Hood, Nottingham is a unique city- home to a diverse and multicultural population. Nicknamed “Queen of the Midlands”, living in this midlands city is affordable to say the least- with house prices averaging at £245,000.

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