Capital Timeshare- Beginner’s Guide To Wine-Tasting Vacations 

Capital Timeshare- Beginner’s Guide To Wine-Tasting Vacations 


Wine tasting is an exciting experience, and if you have never been to one, you should do so soon. Napa Valley and Sonoma County in California are the best destinations for wine tasting in the USA. However, if you want an international wine-tasting vacation, you should head to Europe and visit Italy, France, and Spain. If you are new to wine tasting, there are some tips you should remember to make your trip memorable. The team of experts from Capital Vacations, a leading name in travel and hospitality, offer you this guide to make your first wine-tasting experience a truly memorable one!

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 During your vacations, it is prudent to stay with a professional and friendly company that focuses on customized customer service. Capital Timeshare in the USA is one such place where you can get comfort, security, and hospitality at an affordable rate quickly. When it comes to preparing for a wine-tasting session, you should research the wineries that are in the region. To know more about them, you should read online reviews to check out what existing customers have to say.

What should you bring?

The team of experts here states that before the wine-tasting session, you should avoid fragrances like perfume or cologne as their odor will interfere with the aroma of the wine you taste. Make sure you only drink a little before the wine-tasting session. If you are a woman, skip the heavy lipstick or lip balm. Ensure you are hydrated and before you head out, drink lots of water. Last but not least, do some basic research about the region you are about to visit to get a general idea of the place.

What should you eat before the wine-tasting tour?

Most wineries and tasting rooms will give you snacks along with the wines they serve. This means you should not have a heavy meal that might make you uncomfortable during the session. At the same time, your stomach should be complete. Choose something plain to eat that is filling. The food should be seasoned with something other than spices to affect your taste buds during the session.

The team of experts at Capital Timeshare says when you are dressing up for a wine-tasting tour, keep it simple and light. Make sure you dress in layers so that you can put on or take off your clothes as per the demands of the weather.

When you visit a winery, there is a lot of walking entailed, so pack your most comfortable shoes. Wear your sunglasses, as these regions are pretty sunny. Carry a sunhat and apply sunscreen. It would help if you carried with you a hard-shelled suitcase or a carrier so that you can protect your purchased wine bottles from cracking on the way home. Remember to take a water bottle and pack it in your portable charger in a bag that is a cross-body one to keep your hands free.