5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home for The New Year

5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home for The New Year


With the holidays done and dusted, January can feel a bit moody and sad with nothing to look forward to. Most people have spent so much of their money during Christmas time on presents and decorations that the first month of the year can be a bit tight on your budget. However, the new year brings a new start and a sense of revitalization, so January is the perfect time to freshen up your home on a budget.

Here at House Sales Direct, we have come up with 5 smart ways to make your home feel refreshed and ready for what the new year may bring. These ideas will help you reboot and get those winter blues out of your house and your mind. What’s more, by doing this you may feel refreshed as well and prepared to accomplish all your new year’s resolutions.

1. Create Space That Aligns with Your Resolutions

Most people set new year’s resolutions either just before the new year or during the first month of it.Something you could do to help you achieve those resolutions easier is create a designated space in your house which will align with them. For example, if you plan on reading one book per month, transforming a small corner into a reading den with the perfect light and little table for your cup of tea may help you achieve those resolutions much faster and easier. If you have that space, you will be drawn to go and spend some time there. Alternatively, if you want to practice yoga or stretch daily, then creating a working out space will definitely push you to do it more often.

2. Change Furniture Layout

Nothing reboots a space quite like rearranging the layout of a room. We are often getting too comfortable and bored with how a certain room looks and feels, so every once in a while, we believe that making some changes to the layout is essential. There is no need to purchase anything new, you could easily use your existing décor and furniture but place them in a different way without breaking the bank. Creating a new look with existing décor is a skill and you may find it hard at first but if you give it the time and effort it deserves, you will be able to do wonders foryour home.

3. Take Advantage of January Sales

January is normally considered a month where everyone is a little behind on bills, money is tight and that can really affect people. However, it is also the perfect time to take advantage of all the January discounts which will be flooding the shops after Christmas. That will make it easier for you to refresh your house in a budget-friendly way. For example, a new pair of luxurious bed sheets and towels will transform your old bedroom into an almost spa-like experience.

4. Repaint Work

Paint is not normally an expensive item so something you could do to freshen up your home is repainting any old-looking walls or cabinets. It’s also the easiest way to make the biggest impact and difference in the look and feel of a living space. This may require some DIY skills and a few YouTube tutorials to nail the painting job, but by the end of it you will be able to paint like a pro. Don’t be afraid to be bold with the colours, you may go with a similar palette or go with something absolutely different, but either way your home will have a completely transformed look just in time for the new year.

5. Add Greenery

Nothing screamed fresh like the colour green and especially a live house plant which is why introducing greenery into your home and inviting some nature is the ideal way to reboot and welcome springtime. Plants will take care of the quality of the air in your house as well since they have air-purifying qualities. If your house smells weird and the air is still, there is a small chance that you will feel refreshed in it. And since the first few months of the year tend to be rather cold and people don’t want to open their windows too much, a house plant is the way to go!

Out with the old and in with the new is a great saying which you could repeat to yourself all through January and get your house ready for the warmer months and fornew beginnings.

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