What Makes a Good Real Estate Image?

What Makes a Good Real Estate Image?



What makes a good real estate image? There are few things that are more important than a quality photo when trying to sell your property. While photos may not be the only thing at play in getting a sale, they certainly make up the first impression for potential homebuyers. Quality images can help showcase your property and make it more appealing to those browsing properties online. It is important to consider a few things when setting up shots for your property. These include: Lighting, color, composition and location of the property.

Should I Use My Own Professional Photos or Photo Library Images?

While it certainly isn’t necessary to hire professional  photographers for real estate agents  or use stock photos from online, it will be beneficial if you want the best possible photos of your home. Doing so assures that you are getting the best quality image that showcases the details and quality of your home. If you choose to take pictures yourself, ensure that you do so with a tripod and timer for better quality images as well as consistency between photos.

What Equipment Do I Need?

While there are a lot of equipment options out there, here are the minimum things you will need to shoot your own property: Tripod with a remote shutter cable – Can be had for under $40.00 at Target or Goodwill. Point and shoot camera (or DSLR) with a macro lens – Check Craigslist or Ebay for deals on used cameras. Look out for a used Canon Powershot G7, Powershot G9 or Nikon Coolpix P6000 if you want to go the point-and-shoot route. Be sure that it is capable of shooting in full manual mode as well as macro mode. Flash – Depending on your budget, a $50.00 to $100.00 flash can be found used on Craigslist or Ebay. Tripod extension – While this is not needed if you are using a tripod, it will help if you aren’t. Depending on your camera body, this may cost anywhere from $50.00 to $150.00 but can be purchased for less than the suggested price range at places like Adorama Photo and Amazon . Macro lens – Depending on the type of picture you are taking, a macro lens may be necessary for better quality images. You can find this online for under $200 and at some retailers like Lens Direct , Adorama Photo or Amazon .

Significance of a Good Real Estate Image:

The photos you take for your listing will play a major role in how successfully it sells. A good photograph can bring more interest and potential buyers than an average home may normally have. It can also help sell properties faster as well as the moment a potential buyer sees your property. If you capture the right shot, it can make buyers want to see the entire property more than an average listing would.

How Should I Shoot My Property?

Depending on your location, you should really determine what type of shot you want for your property. Here are some suggestions:

Close-up landscape – If taken during the right season and vantage point, this type of shot will best showcase the land and water features that surround the house and property. It will also show off any trees, shrubs or other greenery for the home.

Close-up portrait – Similar to landscape shots, photos of the home from medium close-up will highlight the house, property and surrounding landscape. If a person were to look out from the window of your house into a yard or through one, they would see your home in focus rather than any surrounding elements.

Landscape – This is a wide shot of your property and may not show much else besides the house there. While it isn’t necessarily a bad shot, it can be seen as lacking in information as no one can really tell what is in that picture.

Cruise – Traveling down the street and capturing a photo of your house from afar can show the different features of your neighborhood. This could be on an estate tour of the area, when people are driving by or when people are hiking through the forested areas.

When Should I Take Photos?

You should always shoot photos during the day with natural light where possible. It is extremely helpful if you can shoot during sunrise, sunset or at night for better lighting for shots. The best time to take photos is at midday, as this is when your property will be at its brightest and most appealing in photos.


While it may take a few tries to get the perfect shot, the tips listed here can help you significantly improve the quality of your photos. Good photos will entice more buyers and help sell houses faster than those with sub-par pictures. While we certainly aren’t professional real estate photographers, we did try our best to give you some helpful information about getting good real estate shots for your listing!

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