The Best Fruit Trees to Grow in Your Garden and Balcony

The Best Fruit Trees to Grow in Your Garden and Balcony


Do you want to grow fruits in your own garden? Healthy fruit plants grow fast to offer your favourite fruits. You can grow almost any type of fruit tree in your garden. Miniature and dwarf fruit trees are the best choices on a patio or balcony. It is hard to find a fruit tree that doesn’t love sunshine. So, you can improve the productivity of your trees with increased sunlight exposure. If you buy fruit trees from trusted tree nursery sites, you can make your growing experience highly rewarding. What are the best fruit trees you can grow in your garden, balcony, or patio?

Apple Trees

Apple is a universally popular fruit with an excellent nutritional value. You can come across a wide range of apple trees in top nurseries. The most common varieties include cooking varieties, dwarf damson trees, red-fruited, dual-purpose, self-fertile, late storing, miniature apple trees and much more. You can buy apple trees of your choice based on your unique needs and budget.

Apricot Trees

Apricot is another popular option that many people grow in their homes. The fruit of this tree comes with velvety golden orange skin. The tangy-sweet flesh tastes like a perfect blend of a peach and a plum. Most people prefer fan-trained apricots over other varieties. In fact, any cultivars of Apricot can be fan trained.

Cherry Trees

You can eat edible fruits if you buy and grow cherry trees in your garden. Cherries offer outstanding health benefits with a perfect combination of antioxidants, polyphenol, melatonin and many other beneficial ingredients. The common varieties of cherry trees available on the market include self-fertile, dwarf & miniature and fan cherry trees.

Mulberry Trees

Mulberry trees are one of the options to grow in your garden. The fruit of this tree is a rich resource of many vitamins and minerals. You can use mulberries to boost skin health and improve many other bodily functions. The black mulberry is the highly favoured one among most homeowners. You need to be a bit more patient with the mulberry tree. It requires 7 to 10 years to become mature enough to give fruits.

You can also grow other fruit trees like Damson, Greengage, Nectarine, Peach, Pear, Plum and Quince in your garden, balcony or patio. When you buy apple trees or other fruit trees, you need to rely on a trusted tree nursery to get the best value for money. If you are on the lookout for the most reliable tree nursery with an excellent reputation, look no further than You can buy fruit trees of the highest quality at affordable prices at this tree nursery.

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