Smart Investments For Service Dog Handlers

Smart Investments For Service Dog Handlers


Having a service dog is a huge responsibility. You must take care of your dog’s health, follow up on training, and provide it with daily necessities such as food, water, and playtime. A service dog is a disabled individual’s lifeline, so it is essential to make sure that it has the proper care. You and your service dog can benefit long-term from certain investments in your dog’s well being.

Pet Insurance

Getting health insurance for your service dog is a must if you can afford it. The last thing that you want is for your service dog to be sick or injured and not have a way to pay the vet bill. Not only is it difficult to watch your best friend suffer, but you cannot work a sick or injured dog, meaning that their health has an impact on your own. Pet insurance will lower the overall cost of vet bills. Animal life insurance is also available to help cover the cost of the death or even theft of your service dog.


Every handler has bumps in the road with their service dog’s behavior. Whether you are dealing with your dog’s fear period, excessive barking, or difficulty teaching a new task, a dog trainer can help you to figure out how to best work with your service dog. A behaviorist is another option for those whose service dogs are having behavioral issues, such as reactivity. A behavioral issue does not mean that you have to wash your dog- you may just need some help with training.

Tracking Device

Whether this is a chip, a tracking tag, or another similar device that can be scanned to notify you of your service dog’s location, a tracking device for your furry friend is incredibly worth the cost. Accidents happen, and sometimes even the best-trained dogs end up lost or even stolen. Having the ability to track where your dog is at all times can give you the peace of mind you need when you are not right there with your dog. Since service dogs in particular are common targets for theft, a tracking device is a smart idea.

Service dogs are a huge investment when it comes to time, money, and energy. Keeping your dog healthy and happy is essential to making sure they can best serve you. Investing in their well-being is not only smart for your dog, but for you as well.