Cooking with CBD

Cooking with CBD


From CBD oil to CBD drops and vapes, there are many ways to consume the popular cannabinoid. Perhaps this is precisely why it has become so popular. Apart from the numerous health benefits this remarkable substance purportedly offers, there are just so many ways to consume it. Whatever your preference, you can find a way to incorporate CBD into your life. And you certainly don’t need to be a smoker to get onboard with a substance that has taken the world by storm and improved the lives of millions.

But there is one method of CBD consumption that might actually surprise you – using it as a cooking ingredient. Believe it or not, millions regularly add it to their daily meals. Yammy CBD, experts in all manner of innovative CBD products, say that there is a distinct way to cook with CBD. The best way to incorporate CBD into your mealtimes, therefore, is to learn about CBD cookery.

Why Cook with CBD?

Nevertheless, before we get onto that, you might be wondering why you would cook with CBD. There are many reasons to recommend the practice, and it certainly isn’t just for those who find all other methods of CBD consumption a little unpalatable. CBD cookery is not just an innovative delivery method of the substance. In fact, it can actually improve the flavor of your food!

The best form of CBD to use in cooking is CBD oil. And yes – you guessed it – CBD oil can take the place of other cooking oils like olive oil, sunflower oil, and butter. CBD oil also contains many of the healthy omega fats found, for example, in olive oil.

What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

That is quite a good question. CBD oil is usually CBD itself suspended in a carrier oil. By itself, pure CBD tastes earthy and grass-like (though it does not have the pungent aroma of marijuana). Accordingly, this can serve as a flavor that you can work with when cooking.

However, you will also be able to taste the carrier which is found in all CBD oil products. This can vary in flavor, but it is usually tasty as well. Furthermore, the carrier oil can also be derived from the cannabis plant, so you can expect flavors that blend very well with CBD.

That said, when cooking with CBD oil, it is common to combine it with other oil-based ingredients. This because CBD oil will bind well with such substances. A common suggestion is to combine it with coconut oil and butter, for example.

Things to Remember When Cooking with CBD Oil

So, how do you go about cooking with CBD oil? Well, there are many ways to do so, and you will have a lot of creative freedom. There are a few things to bear in mind as well though. Here they are:

CBD Oil is Not Suitable for High-Heat Frying

Indeed, CBD oil can lose its potency if it is placed directly into a hot pan. However, combining it with other oil-based substances is a way around this obstacle.

It Works Best in High-Fat Dishes

You can cook with CBD oil if you are making other dishes too, but the high fat ones will increase the rate of absorption of the CBD, which can make its benefits more potent.

It Isn’t for Everyone

Sadly, CBD oil will nearly always have the earthy hemp taste, which isn’t for everybody. This can vary a lot depending on the extraction method, the plant it comes from, and what you mix it with – so don’t rule it out entirely if you don’t like hemp.