Can NRI Buy Property in India

Can NRI Buy Property in India


Can NRI buy property in India? Non-residents in India or NRI are Indian citizens living outside the country and staying in India for a minimum of 182 days in a financial year. Whether you have been out for most of your life or years, NRI can buy their property in India.

As the real estate area of our country is booming quickly, it is good to buy property in India. And NRI is also able to buy property in India. Making a REIT investment in India gives them financial protection and security.

Type of property NRI can buy in India

The Foreign Exchange Management (Acquisition and Transfer of Immovable Property in India) Regulations, 2018, states that an NRI should buy property in India. As an NRI, you can purchase diverse varieties of industrial and home residences, except for the ones concerned with agricultural activities like farmhouses, agricultural land, and plantations. The Indian Government has no longer positioned restrictions on the variety of properties you can purchase in India. However, you must maintain the capital quantity to buy the belongings in an NRI account, including sums received through inward remittances.

Requirements taken by NRI into account to buy property in India

Here are some requirements NRI need to take into account to buy property in India:

  • Documents

As an NRI, you may want to publish some obligatory documents. These include a replica of your Indian passport and visa, work allow of the US of residence, contemporary earnings tax returns, and payslip for the ultimate six months. You need to additionally submit the necessary assets, particularly files, along with the name deed, NOC from society, and so on.

  • Special Power of attorney

As per the registration act, Power of attorney plays a vital role when the NRI wants to buy land in India. This act states that the buyer’s signatures and the property seller’s must be present on documents and validated by the registrar of the location the transactions carry. On the other hand, if NRI is not present in person to buy Indian property, then the Power of attorney must be certified by the country consulate where NRI lives.

  • NRE and NRO accounts

If you are an NRI, you may preferably need to hold NRE and NRO accounts in India. The NRE account (Non-Resident External) permits you to transfer foreign earnings to India. The interest income you earn on it is tax-free. The NRO Account (Non-Resident Ordinary) is one through which you may control your Indian earnings resources. You might also transfer overseas currencies on this account to finance your private home-buy plans in India.

Taxation on NRI properties in India

Upon shopping for the assets, you need to pay the necessary property taxes in India, together with stamp duties and registration prices. If you choose to rent out your private home, you need to pay taxes on the rental profits acquired from it whilst filing your tax returns in India.

If you later determine to promote your property, you ought to pay taxes on it as nicely. However, you may be eligible for tax blessings on your property investments beneath various sections of the Income Tax Act 1961. For instance, in case you buy the belongings via a loan, you may avail of earnings deductions of INR one hundred fifty and INR two hundred, according to annum at the essential mortgage amount and the hobby compensation component.

Buying property always proves to be an awesome funding choice, in particular in the long run. It isn’t just an area wherein you may live but an asset that secures your family’s economic destiny. If you intend to buy the property via a loan, ensure that you take a look at the eligibility criteria and follow the due method stated by means of your lender.


The demand for real estate is increasing in India, which is why NRI wants to buy a home in India. For this, they take the help of home loans from banks. The good thing is that NRI does not face much trouble when buying a home in India, and they get all the amenities and facilities by owning their home.

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