4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Horse Blanket

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Horse Blanket


Blanketing of horses is an important measure to take when you are keeping horses. A blanket is most necessary when it is winter season. Blanketing of horses has many benefits accompanying it since it ensures that the horses remain warm and clean and even reduces the rate of food consumption. There are factors to consider when deciding on the ideal type of blanket for your horse. I.e. the rate of the winter season, the condition of the horse, and even if the horse is in the stable or it is outside.

Horse blankets are essential since they prevent many losses and even prevent hair from pulling off.They are usually of high quality and hence very easy to clean. During winter, the horse blankets are of more use to prevent the horse from cold times. One should consider several factors before choosing the horse blanket to avoid them going into loss.

Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a horse blanket.

1. Denier

Denier is particularly how tough the exterior of the blanket is. When the denier is high, it simply means that even the look of the blanket is strong. The horse blanket should have a high denier to prevent wear and tear. Some horses may be mixed with other horses, maybe in the pastures. Some horses are fond of biting other horses, but when the blanket is more denier, it may not tear, avoiding instant replacements. Many horse blankets are a denier, for instance, the numnah saddle pad.

2. Waterproofing

It is one of the major factors to consider when choosing an ideal horse blanket. Many of the horses are meant to avoid direct rain or any other kind of water from hitting the horse directly. When choosing a horse blanket, one must be assured of the waterproof’s effectiveness before using it. It is also necessary to check when buying a second-hand horse blanket. Some indoor horse blankets, such as stable rugs, do not require waterproofs.

3. Access to shelter

Another consideration to look at when choosing a horse blanket is the shelter. Not all horses are sheltered since some are left outside to feed themselves. The blankets for the two horses may be different since they will face different elements. Horses indoors may require little or no blankets since they will face very few elements like cold, but the horses left outside require heavy blankets because of the extreme elements they will face.

4. Temperatures

Another factor to consider when choosing horse blankets is the temperature conditions of the area. Some areas experience extreme cold seasons accompanied by snowfall. Horses in this area cannot be compared with horses in areas where there are hot conditions. To keep the horses in these areas of cold experience, heavy blankets for horses are necessary to keep them warm, but in hot conditions, light blankets may be necessary to keep them clean and dry.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, getting a horse blanket is necessary for the horse’s health. Acquiring the horse blanket may be complicated since there are some factors to consider before acquiring them. As discussed in the article, the factors to consider when choosing a horse blanket include temperature, access to shelter, denier, and even waterproofing. When all these factors are considered, one is assured of the well-living and comfortable conditions of the horse.