3 Staycation Interior Design Styles for Your Home

3 Staycation Interior Design Styles for Your Home


Most homeowners would agree that the way you decorate your home makes a huge difference in its presentability and how you feel when you spend time in the space. A room that uses colors that do not appeal to you or furniture that feels out of place tends to be a room that does not get used very much. Consequently, many turn to interior designers to help them with this vital aspect of home-style so crucial to your emotional wellbeing and home function. Because of this, if you design your home’s interior with decor and styles that bring you joy and invigorate you, your home can become the place you choose for the year-round feel of a staycation. Three interior design styles remain perpetual favorites for providing the sense of a vacation spot even though you have never left home.

1. Hollywood Glam

You will find that gloss and glass get featured in this luxurious design style inspired by classic movies from the early twentieth century. Metallics often finish the mirrors and bed frames, while glittering chandeliers and other crystal elements add sparkle in any room decorated with this appealing aesthetic. High contrast color schemes play a large part in this classic interior design style.

2. Coastal Interior

Coastal designs take their cues from the beach and waterfront living. Open living space allowing plenty of light and airflow around the room, along with a palette of light, airy shades in the blue color family, bring the feel of the ocean to your interior.

3. Shabby Chic

For those looking to revamp their interior design St Charles County MO stylists recommend surrounding yourself with the colors and decor you love. Therefore, many select shabby chic style for this purpose. Noted for calming light hues and elegantly distressed furnishings, shabby chic brings easy living to elegant new heights.

You may discover that more than one design style might appeal to you. An experienced interior designer can help you choose the elements that will make your space shine and bring out its personality, making it pleasurable for daily living.

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